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Concrete Contractors IN Woodstock, GA

Concrete Services In Woodstock, GA

Atlanta Concrete Company Offers Concrete Services in Woodstock, GA

Are you hoping to install a brand new concrete driveway, sidewalk, walkway or patio that will enhance the functionality of your home? Or perhaps you already have an existing concrete structure that’s in need of repairs or replacement. If you’re a homeowner in need of any residential concrete services in the Woodstock, GA area, we invite you to call the Atlanta Concrete Company for assistance.

We’re a Woodstock concrete company offering both repairs and installations. Our specialties include residential concrete services, as well as commercial concrete services, and we’re proficient at designing with concrete, pavers and flagstone. Many of your neighbors in Woodstock, GA have trusted us to install their new patios, driveways and sidewalks and to do their driveway replacements.

If you have an upcoming concrete project in mind, we’d be delighted to offer you a free consultation to discuss your ideas and suggest solutions that will work within your budget.


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Driveway Replacement

Concrete driveways tend to last up to 40 years, and they are relatively easy to maintain. However, they can become cracked or stained from heavy use and wear. If you’re in need of driveway repairs or a driveway replacement, call Atlanta Concrete Company, a trusted provider of driveway replacements services.

When performing driveway replacements, we typically start with a base of crushed gravel and then use 4000 PSI concrete. Should your driveway require additional structural support, we’ll recommend using steel rebar or remesh to ensure the project’s safety and longevity. We routinely place control joints within the concrete slabs to help avoid random cracking. To complete the job, we offer a number of appealing options for resurfacing, staining and finishing your newly revamped driveway.

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Concrete Sidewalks and Walkways

Well-placed sidewalks and walkways can help to enhance your home’s curb appeal. They help to make your property more easily navigable and more inviting. They can also guide your family members and other visitors through your landscaping, protecting your lawn, shrubbery and ornamental plants from getting unnecessarily trampled.

You have many appealing options for materials to use in designing your new sidewalks and walkways. Imagine how much more lovely your landscaping could look if you choose to enhance the space with new concrete, paver, flagstone or brick sidewalks.

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Concrete and Paver Patios

Outdoor living currently remains one of the top residential home design trends in Woodstock, GA – and for many Woodstock homeowners, a backyard patio is the focal point of their outdoor living experience.

Perhaps you’re hoping to create a comfortable spot in your own backyard for barbecuing, or you want to have a safe place for your kids to play outside. Maybe you’d like to create a cozy gathering spot for entertaining friends and family. In any case, feel free to call us if you need a Woodstock concrete company to help you install a concrete patio, paver patio, or flagstone patio. You have many delightful options for adding additional structures such as a fire pit or seating wall.

Now is the perfect time to add a new concrete structure to your landscaping or repair a damaged structure on your property. Give us a call to discuss your project. We look forward to speaking with you.

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